Being Green

WaveMaster has created the first true "green" commercial docking system, comprised
of 50%+ recycled materials. Following production, the entire group of components
are nearly 100% recyclable. Below is a description of each part of the docking
system for you to better understand how it is constructed and what goes into each
part of the product.

Review the assembly diagram
by part type below.
5. Side Rail Bumper
4. Deck
3. Dry Seal Frame
2. Composite Frame
1. flotation Shell

flotation SHELL
"Virgin" LLDPE: Linear low density polyethylene meets strict FDA standards as
a "Food Grade" plastic and forms the outer skin of the flotation shell that is in
contact with the water.

"Recycled" LLDPE: Pre-Consumer and Post-Consumer, is "dropped" into the interior
of the "virgin" outer skin area during the manufacturing process creating an additional
wall buildup for a total of 1/4" wall thickness.

Structural foam, is inserted in-between the finished wall cavity, creating the thickness,
strongest rotational molded flotation wall in the marine industry.

The composite interior uni-frame is constructed from recycled composites, providing
proven performance in structural integrity and load requirements.

The Dry Seal Frame is constructed from 100% pre-consumer and post-consumer
LLDPE material. It installs directly to the composite frame and provides the
primary connection point for the composite deck.

The outer wall of the finished deck that comes into contact with water is
manufactured with "virgin" LLDPE linear low density polyethene, meeting
strict FDA standards as a "food grade" plastic.

The inner wall of the deck, utilizes pre-consumer and post-consumer LLDPE
plastic material which is strategically "dropped" into the interior of the part during
the manufacturing process, creating an additional wall buildup for a total
homogenous wall thickness of 1/4".

Structural foam, meeting stringent US Coast Guard standards, is inserted into the
wall cavity, creating a robust deck surface "feel" that is similar to walking down a

The perimeter side rail is constructed from a blend of "virgin" LLDPE and
"recycled" LLDPE derived from pre-consumer and post-consumer material.
The robust 1/4" side rail wall thickness was designed for strength, with enough
"flex" to allow some deflection. The side rail adds a unique, continuous "patented
pending" protection around the entire perimeter of the docking system,
commercial or residential.

Environment Friendly

1). Details of LLDPE
           > FDA Approval Letter
           > View Formolene® L63935U Spec Sheet
           > View Formolene® L64220U Spec Sheet

2). Meets FDA Specifications as a "food grade" plastic

3). If the FDA says it's good enough to store food in...
     it's got to be friendly to the water as well

VIDEO: Dock Module Assembly
Watch this short animation of how a single unit dock
module is put together.

[ View Dock Module Assembly Video ]
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