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Cost Effective Shipping

WaveMaster engaged top talent from industry professionals in a multitude of design
and engineering specialties. With all of that brain power, we developed a proprietary
flotation shell design that stacks into each other reducing the cost of shipping of a
typical flotation unit. We are able to ship 12 flotation shell units compared to just 4
from the competition. Less trucks to your job site means less cost to you overall.
The load strap is designed to recess into the bottom of the flotation shell for
maximum safety and product quality.

Wavemaster designed the module sizes to minimize
the number of joint connection points, reducing the
time necessary to install your dock.

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A. Rear view showing 8 x 24 stacked flotation Shells. 12 total units.
B. Rear view showing 4 x 24 stacked flotation Shells. 24 total units.
C. Side view showing 8 x 24 stacked flotation Shells. 12 total units shown.
Note: Diagram not to scale.
WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC has developed a proprietary marine docking system, with utility patents pending, domestically and internationally. The WAVEMASTER trademark is the property of WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC
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