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Wave Attenuator System

WaveMaster Docking Systems designed the optimal wave attenuator system to
protect marinas and private docks around the world from a variety of wind and wave

WMDS wave attenuator absorbs and re-directs the energy of waves, offering the
"best value" in wave protection. It is very important to engineer designs to protect
from a variety of wave length, wave heights, wave sequence and reoccurring time

WMDS wave attenuator is designed as a "stand alone" first line of defense
"buttress of protection" or as a perimeter where the inside of the wave attenuator can
be utilized as part of the docking area of the designed marina, further reducing cost.
All components of the wave attenuator system work in "harmony" instead of "fighting
against" each other like competitors "rigid" products. WMDS wave attenuator is
specifically designed to "flex" under extreme loads that naturally occur in an ever
moving environment.

Only WMDS wave attenuators can provide this level of protection for the price!

WMDS Wave attenuators are designed to be anchored with the two of the
recognized Industry leaders in anchoring methods and practices.

Seaflex is the proven environmentally safe elastic mooring system and has been used
in European markets for over 30 years. Seaflex is anchored to the water bed way
utilizing Helix Anchors or the appropriate designed concrete anchors. Seaflex allows
for total water fluctuation, including full tidal ranges without requiring adjustment.
Seaflex is the perfect complement to WMDS's wave attenuator in deeper water
installations. Seaflex engineers each wave attenuator installation, fully
collaborating with WMDS to provide a successful installation matched to the exact
local conditions.

Pearson Pilings is the undisputed manufacturing leader of composite pilings.
Their pilings are designed to "flex" under extreme load without "kinking" like steel
pilings under similar load. Pearson Composite pilings are designed to never rust,
rot, peel, flake or splinter.

Pearson Pilings offer complimentary colors to the WMDS wave attenuator and are
the perfect complement to anchor WMDS product in up to 50' of water depth.

Pearson Pilings engineers each wave attenuator installation, fully collaborating
with WMDS to provide a successful installation matched to the exact local conditions.

Boat Docks Wave Goodbye to unnecessary Wind
and Wave Damage
Posted: September 13, 2011

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Wavemaster designed the module sizes to minimize
the number of joint connection points, reducing the
time necessary to install your dock.

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WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC has developed a proprietary marine docking system, with utility patents pending, domestically and internationally.
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