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Commercial Marina Dock Overview

WaveMaster Docking Systems are specifically designed to provide the very best
value in commercial installations ranging from a courtesy dock at a boat landing to
a multi-hundred slip marina. All Individual components comprising a completed
assembly, work in complete harmony to provide a finished docking system designed
to last for decades.

Then exposed surface of the flotation shell is manufactured from LLDPE and
"food grade" quality plastic resin meeting strict FDA specifications. This attention to
detail allows us to provide the very best exterior coming into contact with the water.
The strength and durability designed into WaveMaster Docking Systems allow
specific "flex" during extreme loads which is uniquely different than competitors
"rigid" products.

All outer surfaces are manufactured from materials containing UV inhibitors and are
designed to never peel, flake or splinter, offering the very best option for low
maintenance and durability required in commercial applications.

Slip lengths are available up to 60 feet in normal conditions and in installations where
mooring pilings are installed, the slip length can be selected up to 100 feet.
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WaveMaster's custom "H" frame connection system is a recycled composite frame.
designed to connect 8' and 4' modules, end to end. When the "H" frame is connected
to one module end, the opening allows the next module to automatically "center" as
they are installed together. The system bolts completely through the composite
uni-frame horizontally and vertically along the side arms and center section of the
"H" frame utilizes composite hardware.

Below is an example of sketch up of what a proposed marina would look like.
Each individual block represents an 8' x 24' module with a 4' x 24' "finger"
attached to each boardwalk section. Click on the magnifying glass icon to
view the drawing larger.

VIDEO: Dock Module Assembly
Watch this short animation of how a single unit dock
module is put together.

[ View Dock Module Assembly Video ]
VIDEO: Marina Assembly Concept
Watch this short animation of how a commercial marina
would come together on site.

[ View Marina Animation Video ]

WaveMaster designed the flotation shells to "stack"
or "nest" during transportation, significantly reducing the
freight cost... another way, we positively impact the

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Do you have question about our product before you
make your purchase (or even after)? Click the links
below to direct you to our FAQ page. Review the
questions we have there or write one of your own.

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Environment Friendly

1). Details of LLDPE
           > View Formolene® L63935U Spec Sheet
           > View Formolene® L64220U Spec Sheet

2). Meets FDA Specifications as a "food grade" plastic

3). If the FDA says it's good enough to store food in...
     it's got to be friendly to the water as well

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WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC has developed a proprietary marine docking system, with utility patents pending, domestically and internationally.
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