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Residential Docks: Installation Made Simple

WaveMaster Docking Systems are specifically designed to provide the very best
value in residential installations ranging from a single 8x24' platform to a custom
configuration specifically taylored to fit within your property limits. All Individual
components comprising of a completed assembly, work in complete harmony to
provide a finished docking system designed to last for decades. We have invested
countless months of design and engineering resources to construct a product that
will stand the test of time and yet be beautiful and affordable.

8' x 24' flotation SHELL
• Weight: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lbs.)
• Support columns for composite frame
• Total wall thickness at narrowest position: 1.5"
• 2.5" angled wall
• 4" thickness for base of shell
1.5" Wall Thickness
2.5" Wall
4" Thick Base
Support Columns for Composite Frame
• Structural foam meeting strict US Coast Guard specifications
• Structural foam is not intended to provide flotation capacity
• flotation capacity is entirely created by displacement design

• Outer wall is 5/16" thick
• 1/8" Virgin LLDPE on outer surface
• 1/4" Recycled LLDPE pre/post consumer is the wall
   buildup on the inner surface

• Industry proven Glulam composite frames are designed specifically for
   commercial use
• Special epoxy coating protects exterior for life
• Mortise and tenon design with industry proven "joint adhesion" material
   creates a very robust uni-frame
• 6" x 6" perimeter beams
• 4" x 6" internal stringers
4" x 6" Internal Stringers
6" x 6" Perimeter Beams

8' x 24' DRI-LOC FRAME
• DRI-LOC Frame installs over the flotation shell and composite uni-frame assembly
• Designed DRI-LOC "Ribs" (male) allow for deck to nest utilizing matching deck
   "Cavities" (female) creating a DRI-LOC fit when bolted together

Showing Male "Ribs" in Frame

Composite deck bolts around perimeter of flotation shell, composite uni-frame
and DRI-LOC frame assembly, creating a "DRI-LOC" connection.

• Linear boat bumper installs around the outer perimeter
• Regardless of marina size, providing protecting between boats and the dock
• Single wall "hollow" is extremely durable while between the boat and dock

Quick 5 piece assembly structure
• Each piece designed & engineered to fit together perfectly
• Easily connect long expansions: Five individual 8' x 24’
   modules with 4 joints creates a 120’ long docking system

SUPERIOR flotation

• WaveMaster Docks designed the "maximum" flotation
   possible in each completed assembled module.
• WaveMaster design provides maximum displacement in
   the water, resulting in the maximum flotation available
• WaveMaster Docks provide two to five times the flotation
   of many ordinary docks
• WaveMaster Docks superior flotation, allows the
   completed dock to float very shallow, approximately
   4"-5" below the waterline
• As the waves approach, most of the wave energy goes
   "under" the WaveMaster marina or residential dock,
   instead of "into" the dock

• WaveMaster Docks originated the concept of utilizing a
   composite structural frame that is inserted into the
   flotation, rather than resting in a fully exposed position
   on top of the flotation
• WaveMaster's composite, glulam frame is structurally
   engineered to provide the maximum stability under
   commercial marina conditions
• All composite, glulam components are mortised and
   tenoned to maximize strength while allowing the
   necessary overall "flex" for the commercial environmental
   conditions it's designed for
• Each joint is "connected" with engineered structural
   framing fasteners, providing a significantly robust
   internal uni-frame

• WaveMaster designed an aesthetically appealing
   "granite" appearance brick pattern into the surface of
   all decks.
• The "granite" appearance is designed to reflect the
   majority of sunlight, allowing the surface temperature of
   the deck to remain close to the ambient temperature.
• The grout lines around each brick are designed to provide
   rapid run-off of surface water
• The top surface of each brick has a molded "slip resistant"
   texture to provide traction, wet or dry
• The deck surface is impervious to fuel, oils or typical
   chemicals used in a marina environment
• Feet friendly... no opportunity of deck surface rotting,
   rusting, splintering or exposing nail heads, screws
   or hardware
• Enjoy your dock, simply power wash to clean
• Each module component has incorporated designed
   radius corners to reduce the opportunity of "toe stubbing"
   or "head bumping" accidents
WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC has developed a proprietary marine docking system, with utility patents pending, domestically and internationally.
The WAVEMASTER trademark is the property of WaveMaster Docking Systems, LLC
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