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Why WaveMaster Docking Systems

Commercial boat dock manufacturers around the world historically use a very similar bill of materials in their construction, regardless of geographic location; it's just the way they've always done it. Existing dock products are constructed of concrete, steel, aluminum, wood or hollow plastic pieces. When rigid materials such as steel-reinforced concrete or aluminum frames live in a constantly-flexing environment of wind and waves, the outcome is eventually very predictable - something will crack or break. In cold environments, freezing water constantly cracks concrete and ice movement forces can destroy all of these materials with ease. Wood eventually splinters, rots and splits without significant attention and ongoing maintenance cost. Deck screws tend to back-out over time and are tough on bare feet. Hollow plastic light-duty dock pieces tend to flex easily, feel spongy and are typically unstable.

After a decade of evaluating these standard industry practices and comparing them to the latest technologies available, WaveMaster launched a new vision using composite materials to build the next generation of boat docks that will outperform any existing design - using components that will never degrade and that are 100% friendly to our environment. From initial concept through a rigorous design engineering process and production, we have engaged top talent from every relevant industry. The result is the first truly-green, industrial-strength modular dock product ever introduced to the marketplace.

Our goal is to become the industry leader, one customer at a time. We look forward to serving you!


WaveMaster Docking Systems products are unique in many ways:

• 50+% recycled materials | Learn More |
• Modular design allows significant reduction in installation time
• Stacking design allows reduced shipping costs | Learn More |
• 10 year manufacturer's warranty | Learn More |
• Low maintenance required
• Designed for easy configuration
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