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Frequently Asked Questions

WaveMaster has prepared this page to help answer any question you may about
our product. Below is a growing list of questions and answers, but if you have a
specific question that you need an answer to, please ask it in the form provided
to the right. Thank you.

[Q.] Can I install a residential WaveMaster Dock myself?
For the warranty to be activated and valid, the dock must be installed by a
certified WaveMaster installer. The dock module components are so robust, they
must be moved with heavy equipment and cannot be moved by hand. The certified
installers are equipped, fast, efficient and friendly. Most residential docks can be
completely assembled and ready for a lifetime of use in a single day.

[ Q. ] What sizes are available of WaveMaster Dock modules
The standard module sizes are 8' X 24' and 4' X 24'.
WaveMaster also offers the following module sizes:
8'X8', 8'X10', 8'X12', 8'X14', 8'X16', 8'X18', 8'X20', 8'X22' and 8'X24'
4'X8', 4'X10', 4'X12', 4'X14', 4'X16', 4'X18', 4'X20', 4'X22' and 4'X24'
6' width modules, coming soon in the same length options

[ Q. ] Are WaveMaster deck surfaces slick when wet?
Each individual "brick" on the deck surface has a slip resistant finish molded in.
The texture offers slip resistance, in wet or dry conditions.

[ Q. ] How hot will the WaveMaster composite deck surface get in
direct sunlight?

The proprietary compounded "granite" color was chosen for its beautiful appearance
and closeness to the light end of the color spectrum. White reflects heat, while black
absorbs heat. While ordinary precaution should taken, the temperature will be similar
to walking on a concrete sidewalk

[ Q. ] How much maintenance will be required for my WaveMaster Dock?
Since WaveMaster Docks have no exposed hardware, the primary maintenance will
be the cleanliness desired of the deck surface. Simply power washing on occasion
will be sufficient to keep the deck surface clean. Common seasonal inspections of the
anchoring system are recommended. WaveMaster Docks are designed for customer
"enjoyment" instead of customer "frustration" created due to demands of constant
maintenance and upkeep.

[ Q. ] What is the freeboard height for my WaveMaster Dock?
The "freeboard" height is the distance from the deck surface to the water line.
WaveMaster was designed to provide a 22" "freeboard" which is typical for a
commercial dock. The "freeboard" can be adjusted from 10" - 22" depending on
the application without effecting the warranty.

[ Q. ] Why should I choose a WaveMaster Docking System over other
traditional floating docks?

Pages could be written here! WaveMaster Docking Systems has engineered this
concept from the ground up with all components working together in "engineered
harmony" instead of working against itself like most existing products.
It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to figure out that if you place a "rigid" designed dock
member into a "continual moving and flexing" environment, something has to
eventually "give". Therefore the need on almost every body of water for a "dock
repair" company that enjoys continual repetitive business in welding broken pieces,
replacing wood frames, deck boards and concrete deck panels.

WaveMaster decks are massive single pieces, up to 8'X24' that are anticipated to
never require replacement due to normal use. The deck is designed to allow a certain
amount of "flex" under significant load, working in "engineered harmony" with the other
components. The flotation shell, composite frame and DRI-LOC frame and deck
assemble together to form the most robust dock modules the customer will ever need.
At the end of the docks lengthy "lifetime" expectancy, all components are
100% recyclable.


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