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Product Overview

WaveMaster Docking Systems has invested countless months of design and
engineering resources to construct a product that will stand the test of time
and yet be beautiful and affordable. Below is an overview of the product features,
visit the commercial and residential sections of this site to understand these
products in further detail.

What is it made of?

Virgin LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) "outer skin"
     that contacts water, is "food grade" material, meeting rigorous
     FDA standards

2). Recycled LLDPE material is inserted in the manufacturing
     process into the interior of the "virgin" skin wall creating a
     homogenous wall of virgin and recycled material.

3). Structural foam, meeting strict engineering specifications,
     is inserted into the wall cavity creating the strongest composite
     flotation wall in the industry.

Environment Friendly

1). Details of LLDPE
           > View Formolene® L63935U Spec Sheet
           > View Formolene® L64220U Spec Sheet

2). Meets FDA Specifications as a "food grade" plastic

3). If the FDA says it's good enough to store food in…..it's got
     to be friendly to the water as well


1). Wavemaster designed the module sizes to minimize the
     number of joint connection points, reducing the time necessary
     to install your dock.
2). In the example: An 8' X 120' dock walkway is constructed with
     only 4 joint connections equaling just under 1,000 sq. ft. of
     finished dock surface.

Deck Surface and Easy Maintenance

1). WaveMaster designed an aesthetically appealing "granite"
     appearance brick pattern into the surface of all decks.

2). The "granite" appearance is designed to reflect the majority
     of sunlight, allowing the surface temperature of the deck to
     remain close to the ambient temperature.

3). The grout lines around each brick are designed to provide
     rapid run-off of surface water

4). The top surface of each brick has a molded "slip resistant"
     texture to provide traction, wet or dry

5). The deck surface is impervious to fuel, oils or typical chemicals
     used in a marina environment

6). Feet friendly...no opportunity of deck surface rotting, rusting,
     splintering or exposing nail heads, screws or hardware

7). Enjoy your dock, simply power wash to clean

8). Each module component has incorporated designed radius
     corners to reduce the opportunity of "toe stubbing" or
     "head bumping" accidents

Cost Effective Shipping

1). WaveMaster designed the flotation shells to "stack" or "nest"
     during transportation, significantly reducing the freight cost...
     another way, we positively impact the environment

2). WaveMaster designed the components to maximize trucking
     floor space. It's no accident that two "end to end" stacks of
     8' x 24" flotation shells, or two "end to end" stacks of DRI-LOC
     frames and decks, precisely match the footprint of a 48' semi,
     flatbed trailer floor.

3). All other components comprising the completed assembly,
     stack or nest, providing the lowest shipping cost

Superior flotation

1). WaveMaster Docks designed the "maximum" flotation possible
     in each completed assembled module.

2). WaveMaster design provides maximum displacement in the
     water, resulting in the maximum flotation available

3). WaveMaster Docks provide two to five times the flotation of
     many ordinary docks

4). WaveMaster Docks superior flotation, allows the completed
     dock to float very shallow, approximately 4"-5" below the

5). As the waves approach, most of the wave energy goes "under"
     the WaveMaster marina or residential dock, instead of "into"
     the dock

Internal Structural Integrity

1). WaveMaster Docks originated the concept of utilizing a
     composite structural frame that is inserted into the flotation,
     rather than resting in a fully exposed position on top of the

2). WaveMaster's composite, recycled frame is structurally engineered
     to provide the maximum stability under commercial marina

3). All composite, components are engineered to maximize strength
     while allowing the necessary overall "flex" for the commercial
     environmental conditions it's designed for

4). Each joint is "connected" with engineered structural framing
    composite hardware, providing a significantly robust internal uni-frame

How We Beat the Competition

1). WaveMaster Docks designed the most robust, true green,
     low cost shipping and installation, cost competitive commercial
     docking system, ever introduced to the marketplace

2). WaveMaster stands apart as the "dock system of choice" for
     marina and residential dock customers, by providing the
     "best value" available in the industry when the following points
     are considered; structural integrity, reduced cost of shipping/
     installation, low or no maintenance, environmentally friendly,
     designed longevity, beautiful finished appearance and
     affordable pricing.
WaveMaster Docking Systems products are unque in many ways:
• 50+% recycled materials | Learn More |
• Modular design allows significant reduction in installation time
• Stacking design allows reduced shipping costs | Learn More |
• 10 year manufacturer's warranty | Learn More |
• Low maintenance required
• Designed for easy configuration
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